Velvet Jacket

I fell in love with this metallic floral velvet the instant I saw it on the FabricMart website. I managed to wait until the first velvet sale, but it wasn’t easy.velvetjacket1

I mashed up of both views from Kwik Sew 3796. I added a lining and used three buttons instead of one.

I thought I took photos of the WIP (work in progress), but I can’t find them. It’s very possible I didn’t take any due to the hectic holiday season. I was focused more on the process and less on documentation.

This lovely velvet was just 45 inches wide. Between the obvious nap and narrower width, I’m glad I bought four full yards!

Velvet Jacket and topMy original plan didn’t include lining and the pattern doesn’t call for one. But I felt the ravely nature of both the floral and solid black velvets, and the scratchiness of the floral velvet, changed my mind. Digging through my stash produced a small piece of black lining, and several large pieces of light smoke grey and a darker grey. There was not enough black to do the whole jacket, just enough for the body, so I’d have to use something else for the sleeves. I thought that might be too “patchwork-y”, even though sleeve linings are almost never seen at all. The darker grey looked brownish against the velvets, so I went with the light smoke grey.

I had no idea what to do about the button loops. Then, as the jacket neared completion, I stumbled across a black velvet spaghetti strap. I think it’s from a dress remade into something else long ago. I’m surprised that I held onto it AND found it just when I needed it! I cut the strap into lengths jut big enough to fit over the buttons. Instant, easy and classy button loops.

Instead of just one button, I used three black Czech glass buttons.

Then, I realized I made a critical mistake!! The lovely jacket went with absolutely NOTHING in my closet!

I wore it with an emerald green satin bow blouse. It didn’t exactly go with and didn’t exactly clash. Green is the theme color for Little Shop of Horrors (the musical live play), so it was Ok. I made a little cream top, based on Jalie 2911, to wear with this jacket. I used a scrap of champagne stretch satin to make the shawl collar, and a tissue weight cream/gold metallic jersey for the bodice and sleeves.


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