Silk Jersey Tunic

This soft, luxurious tunic is a simplifieOff kilter fabricd version of Hot Patterns Riviera T-Shit.

I started off with some wonderful silk jersey from Fabric Mart. This piece was “As Is” because the print is wonky and off grain. The photo shows both cut edges. One cut edge is slightly askew, the other is crazy! The stripes in between wobble about. I knew I’d never be able to straighten it out enough to get the stripes going horizontally. The Riviera T is cut on the bias, so I decided to try that.

I love the piecework on the pattern, but I didn’t want to piece or contrast this particular top. I wanted to keep the lines as simple as possible so the soft silk could speak for itself. So I taped the separate pattern pieces together, creating a front, a back and a sleeve.

Grainline is off biasI was able to cut the sleeves with the stripes even enough. But no matter what I did, the stripes on the remaining sections were too wonky even for a 45 degree bias! Finally, in frustration, I tipped the grainline about 5 degrees. I placed one end of the grainlin20160518_153649e arrow on a green stripe, and tipped it enough so that the other end landed on a black stripe.

I couldn’t decide how to cut the neck band. So I ended up not using a neckband at all. Instead, I stay stitched close to the edge, folded under twice and topstitched.

When it’s all said and done, the top looks great! NO ONE has been able to tell that the fabric was printed off grain. And it’s pure silk — pure luxury.

Silk Tunic with Skort

Silk Tunic with Skort


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