My New Machine – 1895 Davis VF 2 Treadle Machine

I’ve always loved treadle machines. But, even a non-repairable machine with a cabinet in poor condition can go for $75 or more, because people often discard the unrepairable machines and use the treadle assembly as a table base.

A friend of mine was given a treadle machine, which she sold to me inexpensively. The belt was broken and there was no manual. The machine is plain, no fancy decals, and the cabinet is a simple style, in fairly good condition.

Please ignore the messy storage room! When I brought the machine home, I found the entire top drawer was full of buttons! I found the manufacturers name , Davis, and machine’s serial number on the metal guide plate.

Armed with this information, I searched the internet. Based on photos I was able to identify it as a model VF2, and based on published serial numbers and the model, it was most likely made about 1895 or 1896. The Davis company was located in Dayton, Ohio, so this machine did not travel far.

I found a .pdf manual online and had a copy printed at Kinkos/FedEx.  I also found a universal treadle belt. We’ll see how it works.



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